Solar Panels

Utilising our partnership agreements with the pioneer solar module manufactures, we are supplying our customers with wide range of capacities

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Power Storage/Battaries

Deep cycle tubular batteries, Deep cycle lead acid batteries and Deep cycle gel batteries are available in many power rates with different capacities

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Hybrid Solar inverter Dubai

Hybrid solar Inverters

On-Off/grid Solar inverters starting from 2kw up to 30kw including single and three phase inverters

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Solis On Grid Solar Inverters

Onyxline also provides high capacities on-grid sizes for strategic projects via its partnership with big market manufacturers.

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best off grid solar inverter uae

Off grid solar Inverters

onyxline provides 3 types of Off-grid Solar inverters which is alpha 1.2KVA, alpha 2KVA and alpha 3.2KVA

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VFD Solar Pumping Inverters

Built-in C3 EMC filter and DSP technology and Infineon PIM design, with functions of light weak protection, dry run and low voltage, full water warning, over-voltage and over temperature protection.

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