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Are you ready to take control of your electricity? Introducing VFD Solar Inverter to save money and go green. 

About VFD Solar Inverter 

A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) solar inverter is a special device that takes the electricity produced by solar panels and turns it into the kind of electricity we can use in our homes and other places. It’s like a magic box that makes the power from the sun usable!

The sun gives us energy in the form of sunlight, but it’s not the same kind of electricity we need to power our devices. The VFD solar inverter helps by converting that sunlight energy into the right kind of electricity, just like a translator who turns one language into another.

Sunlight is not bright? VFD solar inverter says: Worry not!

The VFD solar inverter also helps make sure the electricity is stable and reliable. It makes sure the power is the right amount and doesn’t have any strange noises or interruptions. This is important because it helps our appliances and gadgets work properly without getting damaged.

Another interesting thing about the VFD solar inverter is that it can adjust how much electricity it produces based on how much sunlight there is. So even on cloudy days when the sun isn’t shining as bright, it can still give us power to use. It’s like having a backup plan to keep the electricity flowing!

Who can use VFD Solar Inverters? Are you in?

Homeowners: If you are a homeowner, who wants to save money on electricity bills, order a VFD Solar inverter today. It will enable you to produce your energy and protect you from heavy electricity bills and save your planet from emissions. 

Businesses: Are you a business owner? no matter what the size of your business is.If you are interested in cutting down the energy costs, get ready to install a VFD solar inverter on your roof top and show your commitment to sustainability and stay away from pocket tearing electricity bills. 

Educational institution

Be a guide . Be a role model. Instead of teaching the importance of renewable energy, show your students how it can be achieved in real life situations. Install a VFD solar inverter and teach the importance of renewable energy and sustainability. Remember, action speaks louder than words!

Agricultural Sector

Don’t let electricity curb your dreams. If you are setting up an agricultural sector in a remote location, buy a solar pump inverter and meet all your energy needs without breaking the bank and ruining the planet. Are you ready to practise sustainable farming?

 Community centres:If you are running a charity centre , non- profit organisation or other religious institution, you can reap maximum benefit from VFD solar inverters. It helps to generate your own energy and reduce operating costs and redirect those saving towards mission or community initiatives.

The real benefits of VFD Solar Inverters and how it can help you 

Save money: The good news is here. Save electricity bills and get energy independence as soon as possible. Because solar VFD inverters produce maximum energy from the sunlight and help you to reduce the electricity bill and save money in the long run. 

Help environment : Our environment is strangling with polluted gases from various source.Why can’t you extend a helping hand? Solar inverter don’t produce any harmful gases and it help you to fight against climate change and keep planet cleaner and greener. 


Energy anytime, anyday: Don’t worry about an overcast day! mppt vfd solar inverter

 can adjust the amount of electricity produced based on how much sunlight there is. So, even on cloudy days, you can still use solar energy to power your home or devices.

Longer Lifespan for Appliances: Great ! right ? VFD solar inverters provide a stable and clean supply of electricity. This is good for your electrical appliances because it helps them last longer. When appliances receive clean and stable power, they are less likely to get damaged or wear out quickly.

Easy Monitoring and Control:Take control of your inverter ! VFD solar inverters often come with features that allow you to monitor and control your solar power system easily. You can check how much electricity is being generated, how well the system is working, and even make adjustments if needed. It gives you more control and helps you make the most of your solar energy.


Got Questions ? We have Answers ! 

1.Are VFD Solar Inverters expensive?

A: The cost of VFD Solar Inverters can vary based on factors such as brand, capacity, and features.

2.Are VFD Solar Inverters easy to install and operate?

A: The installation and operation of VFD Solar Inverters can vary depending on the specific model and system configuration. It is recommended to consult with a qualified solar installer or electrician for proper installation, as they involve electrical connections and system integration. Once installed, operating a VFD Solar Inverter typically involves configuring the settings and monitoring the system using the provided user interface or remote monitoring options.

3.Can a VFD Solar Inverter be connected to the electrical grid?

A: Yes, VFD Solar Inverters can be connected to the electrical grid. They can feed excess power generated by the solar panels back into the grid, allowing for net metering and reducing energy costs.

  1. Are VFD Solar Inverters suitable for all types of solar panels?

A: VFD Solar Inverters are compatible with most types of solar panels.

5.I have more questions to ask , what can I do? 

Please contact us at 0971502731228 or shoot an email at technician will contact you soon. 


  • Maximizing power generation efficiency of solar modules with advanced MPPT control technology and automatic MPPT voltage tracking.
  • Adjust water outflow of pumps quickly on the basis of sunlight intensity change.
  • Automatic hibernation and wake up
  • Built-in C3 EMC filter and DSP technology and Infineon PIM design, with functions of light weak protection, dry run and low voltage, full water warning, over-voltage and over temperature protection.
  • The advanced calculation for pump flow and LCD monitoring display.
  • Automatic running without any commissioning in keypad control and GPRS monitoring option.
  • Dual supply capability with changeover switch- solar and grid compatable

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