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Are you looking for the wholesale off-grid solar inverter? As an eminent global source with full -scale list of wholesale solar inverter, our products is available at factory price. And it satisfies all the requirements of domestic or industrial needs with advanced features.

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Why off-grid solar inverter is the need of the hour?

Control over energy consumption

off- solar inverters help house owners and businesses to produce their own energy. In other words, it gives energy independence and give control over their energy consumption. The more they understand, the more they invest 


Reduce electricity bills

expensive electricity invoices frighten the user. By using solar products, especially solar inverters, they can significantly reduce the dependence on grid and it results in cost savings and high return on investment in the long run.


Environmental sustainability

Earth is getting polluted in every way. Why don’t you stand with environmental sustainability? Off-grid solar inverters are highly sustainable and produce clean energy without emissions or pollution. So, utilize renewable energy and take action to protect the environment. 



Solar energy is a consistent source of energy and it provide consistent power supply during power outages and grid failures. So, an off-grid solar inverter works 24*7 without fail.



If a home or business is in an interior location, no matter what -grid solar inverters offer a steady power supply throughout. 



Off-grid solar inverters are designed for a longer span and require less maintenance.

What are the Qualities of the best solar product supplier 



A trustworthy solar inverter supplier provides highly durable and efficient products. As a top solar inverter supplier in Dubai, our products are long-lasting that makes us unique in the global market.



Whenever you are looking for an off-grid inverter supplier, or a solar inverter supplier, go for high-quality products that meet industry standards. It is our pleasure to say that all our products are backed by warranties and which makes us trustworthy in the international marketplace. 


Technical expertise

A supplier should be able to guide the dealers to select the best products. Our knowledgeable staff provides guidance and support in selecting and installing solar products. 


Wide product range

 satisfy the need of diverse customers is our top concern. Whether it is residential or commercial requirement, we have wide range of products that caters multiple audience. 


Alpha- 3.2 KVA

Off-Grid solar inverters

Operation type: Off-grid

Rated power      3200VA/3000W

Surge Power:         6400VA

Efficiency:       98%

Transfer time: 10ms

Alpha 1.2 KVA

Off-Grid solar inverters

Operation type: Off-grid

Rated output power: 1.2kva- 1.2kw

Efficiency peak: 93%

Alpha  2KVA

Off-Grid solar inverters

Operation type: Off-grid

Rated power 2000VA/1600W

Surge Power: 4000VA

Efficiency peak: 98%

Transfer time: 10ms

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