Tubular Battery C 20

• Super tuff grid design with double side pasting for longer battery life

• Tubular plates with gauntlets, made of special fabric having ultra-fine pores and high permeability to ensure high backup and longer life

• NAM with active carbon: Increased reaction surface area for higher backup

• Futuristic design: New-age premium design with durable high quality material

• Low antimony alloy- Lesser water consumption and reduced water top-up

• Optimized negative paste recipe for fast charge acceptance

• Robust tubular with high pressure die-cast spine – rate of grid corrosion is very low & higher float life

• Ceramic vent plugs – special ceramic vent plugs for controlled acid fumes

• Highest purity CP grade sulphuric acid for increased storage life



Download the Datasheet

Tubular Battery C 20 DATASHEET.PDF


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