Project Description

Client:  smart home technology to Sol Bright

Location: Sweihan , Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

Contracting type: subcontractor.

Owner: Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA)

1177WM sub contractor for Robots maintenance Noor Abu Dhabi Solar System plant Sweihan , UAE

contractor – (Smart home technology & Sol bright) Jan 2020


Scope of work

Earthing Works for 1177MW including:

  • Installing 25Sqmm Harness 300mm length
  • Installing 25sqmm harness 1500mm length
  • Structure to Structure earthing 1x 25sqmm flexible class PVC insulation
  • Installing Earth pits with Earth rods and connecting to bare
  • Installing 185sqmm PVC earthing for Inverter, RMU, LV Compartment,
  • Installing 25sqmm PVC cable for SCB
  • Installing 50sqmm & 50sqmm PVC cable for Structure Earthing
  • Exothermic bonds
  • Joining C1 120sqmm Bare Copper and 185sqmm PVC (T- Connection).
  • Joining C2 120sqmm Bare Copper and 185sqmm PVC ( 4 – Way ).
  • Joining C3 120sqmm Bare Copper and 50sqmm PVC (T- Connection).
  • Joining C4 120sqmm Bare Copper and 120sqmm PVC (T- Connection).
  • Total Invertor station Earthing